Walking in the winter weather can be hard on your dogs paws. It would almost be like us walking bare foot in the winter elements. The dogs paws touch the cold, chemicals, salt, sand and everything else that is on the ground. All this can lead to dry, cracked, frostbite and chemical burns on the paws. But there are ways to prevent this!

Paw Balm/Wax

You can apply a dog paw wax/balm to the paws before and after walk. Just apply before going for a walk, this will minimize the dry skin and damage salt can cause. Then you can reapply after you return home, but make sure you give the paws a wipe with a warm wet cloth to get all the stuff off of your dogs paws before you reapplly. Having paw wax/balm on hand is a good way to keep dogs paws soft and supple during the cold months. If your dog has long hair between its pads you can trim that back it will help prevent the formation of snow balls and make it easier to put paw balm on.

Dog Boots

Another great option to protect your dog’s paws is with dog boots. There are so many boots to choose from, but our favorite brand is Muttluks. Dog Boots protect the paws by helping them stay dry and preventing exposure to salt,sand, de-icers and any other debris on the road/sidewalks. Sizing the dog boots correctly is the key to getting them to stay on during the walks.

Salt Sand and Ice Melt

Most brands of ice melt is toxic to our pets. Try to keep your dog away from roads and sidewalks that have been treated. There are pet friendly ice melt available that you can use on your own property so you can know it is safe for your dog to be on.

After a Walk

As soon as you come home from your walk you should wash your dogs paws with warm water and a cloth. This helps stop tracking anything nasty that is on your dogs paws thru the house. This also stops any chance of your dog licking any of the chemicals and ingesting it.

On Cold Days

On cold days keep the walks short and do a few short walks or cancel the walk all together. Dogs are like us they can get frostbite and hypothermia. If you are cold odds are saying they are cold too!

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