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 Okanagan BC best Dog Training

We help frustrated dog owners have a easier life with their dogs with personalized help…without having to figure out things on your own or by watching 1000’s of hours of videos


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Happy Amy Dog Daycare

 We work with owners and dogs with these dog training issues every day:


  • The dog is embarrassing me – he doesn’t have any manners
  • I have tried other dog trainers and I am still having problems
  • My Dog pulls me down the street on the walk and I am worried one of us will get hurt
  • My Dog Runs away and doesn’t listen
  • The dog Barks at everything and it’s very frustrating
  • My dog reacts to other dogs people, cars…basically everything it sees on a walk

We Believe you Deserve to have

  • A dog that listens to you all the time

  • Less frustration in your relationship with your dog

  • A dog that respects you and wants to be your partner in adventures

  • Easy communication between you and your dog

  Why you can trust us

We get RESULTS for people who love their dog and know they can have a better relationship

We have been getting incredible dog training results for dog owners since 2010

We upgrade our training every year so we can help you the best with what we have learned from many top dog trainers in North America

We have trained all ages and breeds of dogs and help families keep their dog happily and forever


Board and Train Dog programs we take the time consuming work and build the foundation of dog training and do most of the hard work for you.

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We can help make your life easier with your dog. We can teach your dog to not pull on the leash and turn walks into something enjoable for you and your dog.  We want you not to be frustrated anymore by not knowing what to do to change your dogs behavior. We will help you train your dog and to stop the bad behaviors and you do not have to be embarrassed from your dog anymore


Group Dog Classes  when  you join one of our dog group classes we show you step by step on how to build the foundation with your dog.

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We have on going programs for you to be able to continue your dogs education. After hour dog social hours and dog day school programs and a e-collar program too.


How to get help for my Dog

1. Fill out our form so we know best how to help you


2. WE will call you, or text if you prefer, and discuss how we can customize the best plan for your dogs training , and help you get the results you are looking for


3. WE will help you have a long happy and healthy life with you dog !



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Benefits of Training with us

We help you build a relationship on respect not on what food you have to offer…yes we train with no treats

You can have a dog that you enjoy being with

Our group classes are fun, treat-free and with one session of classes you can learn all you need to have a great dog

You can go away on holidays and let us do the training and come home to a better dog

You can continue your dogs education with our ecollar program, day school program or our after hours social hour fun classes 🙂

Contact Us

Please fill out the form with information about your dog and what you are going through so that we can help you quickly.

How many dogs need training?

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