Day Training Adventure Camp for Dogs

Day Training For dogs of all ages

Private day training for dogs


 This is a Private Training program for your dog that includes 3 or 4 weeks of training 4 days each week with a private training session at the end of each week.

 On training days, you will drop your dog off in the Morning and your dog will spend the whole day at Urban K9 and will have several training sessions through out the day. The end of the day between 4-6 pm you pick up your dog and you can  go home and enjoy your calm and tired dog!

At the end of each training week you get a weekly owner training session that is 30 mins in length usually on Day 4 at pick up, or on Saturday!

In the human training session  we will show you exactly what your dog has learned in the day and then will get you and your dog working together so you 2 can be on track together.

Day Training Adventrure Camp dog training includes a Martiangale collar and slip leash and handouts to help keep you and your on track at home for training.

The is a Excellent training program for dogs that have very minor behavior issues, or simply need a nice foundation of skills. Not appropriate for dogs with fear, separation or aggression issues.


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