Dog Social Classes!


These are Fun classes to do with your dog to make training fun and easy to keep up with and you might learn a few new things too. If your Dog has completed training with us in the past they are able to come to our fun continuing dog education classes

The classes will focus on Dog socialization, fun training, games all while working on keeping up all the hard work you have put in to training your dog

Who can come?

These dog classes are for any dog and human that have completed dog training program with us.

The classes are all Monthly subscription Classes you sign up for the class or classes you want to do.

We only have limited spots in each class for dogs, once you sign up that spot is yours until you deciced you do not want to attend anymore.

You can come to one or all the classes you like in the month.  But make sure you are here early, doors will be locked once class starts.


what we will do in These Dog classes

The classes are great way for you and your dog to be able to follow up on training and socialization in a super fun way.

We have 3 different classes:

  • Continuing Ed Classes  We will do some training, some dog/human games and have fun while socializing and working the dogs in a safe environment.
  • Large Field Socialization (may be held indoors for weather) Large dog group 40 lbs and over, Small dog group 40 lbs and smaller and puppies under 10 months
  • Pack Walks/Hiking Group – We will meet at a location to be determined and have a great pack walk with dogs of all sizes ages and temperaments, do a bit of training and you can ask training questions 



Continuing Ed May 3rd, June 7th, July 5th, Aug 2nd

Large Field dog Socials May 27, June 24,  July 29th, Aug 26th

Pack Walks May 14th, June 11, July 9th, Aug 13th

Every class will be bit different

This class will allow you to practice working with your dog in a safe environment.


Musts for class

The dog attending must be a graduate of a previous dog training program by Urban K9

Your Dog must be on a leash.  Please bring your dog on the same or similar as what was supplied in training.

*Some dogs may be required to wear a muzzle 

One dog per person

Sign up ahead of time … no drop ins

Do not be late

I want to know more

Questions about joining in on the fun? fill out the form and we will get back to you asap!

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