Dog Training for Dogs of All Ages

We have a variety of dog training programs that can help you achieve the results you want with your dog.


Group Dog Training Classes

Group Dog training classes are great for dogs and puppies of all ages and skill levels. We also offer group Ecollar classes.

Private Lessons

Private dog training is a great option for people who want more focused dog training with 1 on 1 attention.


Dog Board and Train Dog training programs

These dog programs are great for the busy pet parent or for someone wants just a great dog with no frustration or time consuming training just wants the dog trained. Ecollar training is a great tool that can be added to this training package


*If your dog has behavior issues ranging from aggression, fear, anxiety, separation anxiety, insecurity or lack of socialization skills we do have other programs that will help, contact us for details.


Well Mannered Group Dog Classes

For dogs 3 months and older

The group classes offer much more than the usual sit stay. You will have your dog walking loose on a leash…no more walks with the dog pulling you everywhere, have your dog come when called and so much more!  

Small class sizes 4 dogs or less per class

Next Group Class Start in Jan 2024


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Amazing Dog Board and Train

Do you want an amazing dog that listens to you and has manners? But do not have the time or patience. Or are you going out of town and want to come home to a amazing dog? Let us do set the foundation dog training for you


This is a Private Dog Training program for your dog or puppy that includes 3 weeks of training 4 days per week. This dog training option is where your dog comes for the day and goes home every night.


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Private Dog Training


We will work with you and your dog one on one. Private training is great for working on and addressing the dogs problem behaviours 


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Online Training


We will work live with you and your dog in the stting of your own home.  Sessions last 1-2 hours .


E-collar lessons & Classes

The Ecollar is an amazing dog training tool that can bring your dog from just ok to great.

We offer lessons in ecollar in our Amazing Dog Package, in our private dog training and from time to time offer group classes.

Next Ecollar Group Class May 03rd


ecollar for dogs

Rehabilitation Board & Train

This Dog board and training program is for the dog that doesn’t fit into the other dog training programs. This dog rehab mainly focuses on dog issues like separation anxiety, social anxiety, human aggression, dog aggression and food aggression.


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