Group Dog Training Classes

Discover the best Group Dog Training classes for dogs of all breeds and ages. With our expert guidance, you can say goodbye to frustration and welcome back the joy of owning a well-trained dog. Don’t miss out on this opportunity and reserve a spot for your furry friend today.

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Is your dog stressing you out? 


Dog is Pulling on the Leash


Barking all the time? 


Is Your Dog is Ignoring you? 


Not Coming When Called? 


Dog is Jumping up on People? 


Embarrassing to take outside the house? 


Are you tired of dealing with the stress and frustration that comes with an untrained dog?

 It’s time to take action and make a positive change for both you and your furry companion. Sign up for dog training classes today and experience the numerous benefits that come with a well-trained dog:

Group Classes 

We have ongoing Dog classes year round!  All ages puppies to older dogs we have something for every dog in every group class.



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Next Class Starts March 11th Monday night 6 pm

Classes will be on Mondays and Thursdays for 5 weeks.

Before you start class you must attend your private lesson that is included in the class fee.







Where: Dog training classes on Thursdays are held at our facility, Monday classes will be a mixed locations eithr held at our facility  or  in various locations in Vernon & Coldstream.

Time: Dog  training classes are about a hour  in lenght some classes may be a bit longer. 

Age: Dogs must be over 10 weeks old. We accept all ages, sizes and breeds of dogs.

Class Size: Small group sizes less then 6 dogs in a class

Cost: $700 for the 5 week class if you have not taken training with us before.

Graduates of one of our training programs :Monthly  drop in Classes $50 for the month



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