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Dog Training for all dogs breeds and ages in Vernon & Coldstream BC

Last Classes of the Year , Start November 23rd!

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cesar millan with brenda

Well Mannered Dog Training Group Classes

These dog training class offer much more than the usual Sit and Stay dog classes. In class you will learn how to get your dog to walk nicely on a leash, how to create a calm dog no matter what is going on around him, and of course have your dog do sits, stay and come. All of this is also possible to get your dog to do the first time you ask and all done without the use of treats! Yes it is possible!

This dog training class will also help you create a amazing relationship with your dog built on trust and respect. We follow Cesar Millan dog training methods and philosophies.

You and your dog will be exposed to REAL LIFE situations and your dog will learn to listen to you in any situation, with multiple distractions. This dog class will get you that well mannered dog that you always wanted.

All dog training is done without the use of treats or other gimmicks.

Your dog will learn in classes:

  • Loose leash walking. No more pulling!
  • Sit
  • stay
  • come
  • down
  • off leash
  • urban agility
  • dog massage
  • mental stimulation for your dog
  • socializing
  • street safety, and more!

Dog training classes are held at our facility and in various locations in Vernon & Coldstream.

Dog school training classes run anywhere from a hour to a hour and a half each class for 5 weeks with 2 classes a week for a total of 10 dog training classes!

Dogs must be over 3 months old. We accept all ages, sizes and breeds of dogs.

Only 4 dogs per group class


Included in Well Mannered Dog Classes

Martingale collar and a Slip leash also known as a Mexican leash but our leashes are upgraded and made right here in BC Canada.

*Dogs that complete this course will be allowed to attend our drop in weekend fun classes and you can attend future classes for a drop in fee $10 a class.

Space is limited to 4 dogs per class



If you want to reserve your dogs training spot, we require $100 deposit and remainder is due on first day of dog training classes.


If you have any questions or want to reserve your dogs spot fill out the contact us form below.

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