It is important to have your dog being a healthy weight so you can have many happy healthy years together. Healthy weight equals a healthy dog with less health issues.

Can you see your dogs ribs, can you easily feel them when you run your hand down your dogs side? Or do you have to poke around to feel a rib? If you can not easily feel the outline of your dogs ribs and poking around to find one odds are saying your dog needs to loose some weight.

What you can do to help your dog loose weight is more exercise.

Exercise: Increase your dog’s physical activity:

  • Regular Walks: Increase the duration or frequency of walks. Aim for daily exercise.
  • Playtime: Engage your dog in active play sessions or games that encourage movement.
  • Swimming: If your dog enjoys water, swimming can be an excellent low-impact exercise.
  • get moving more running, hiking, biking, play

Dietary Changes:

  • Portion Control: Measure your dog’s food portions with a measuring cup or food scale. Avoid free feeding.
  • High-Quality Food: Switch to a high-quality, balanced dog food with fewer calories. Yes they make weight loss food for dogs!
  • Treats: Minimize treats or stop them all tougher or use healthier alternatives like small bits of veggies or fruits.
  • Avoid Table Scraps: Human food often contains too many calories and can upset a balanced diet.
  • Cut out the high calorie dog chews.

Patience and Consistency:

Your dog like us did not gain the weight overnight and will not loose it in a week either. Weight loss takes time. Be patient and maintain a consistent routine. Celebrate small milestones and stay committed to the plan.