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Live remote? Super busy? Or Just dont want ot go out for dog training? Urban-K9 offers online Dog Training

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Online Dog Training

Online dog training can help you and your dog from the comfort of your home and not worry about having to leave the home to get training help for your dog.

To make the best out of your online training you can make a video ahead of time of you and your dog and the issues you want to have Urban K9  help you with. We will also send you a information form to fill out so we can have all the details about your dog so we can help you and your dog better.

Urban K9 will review and go over these videos with you giving training feedback and suggestions on how to improve.

We will also work live with you and your dog in the setting of your own home.

Urban K9 s online training is great way for any dog owner with any kind of problem looking on how to correct problems or expand the dogs training.

Each Online Session lasts 1-2 hours

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Have questions about training or want to sign up for online training drop us a line and we will be in touch shortly

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