Keep Up the dog Training

Day Training School

This dog training program is a great way for dogs and owners to keep up the dog training !  Dog day training program for a dog who has completed any of our other like our well mannered group program class or a stay and train program

Keep Up the dog training Day Training

This dog training program works well for dogs and owners that want to keep up with training of their dog.

Keep up the Dog Training  is a day training program for your dog.  This is a day dog training school program that is 2 days a week (Tuesday & Thursdays) for 4 weeks.  You drop off the dog in the morning and pick your tired dog at the end of the day.

Just let us know what you want your goals are for your dog or what your dog needs some help with and we will help your dog with training.

This dog training program is a great way to continue training with some dog socialization and have a tired dog at the end of the day from the fun of training and haning out with dog friends.

*This is a dog training program does not include Human Training  only the dog is trained while here for the day.




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