12 Day Board and Train Dog Training Program

Do you want your dog to be an amazing dog that listens to you and just not knows how to sit, stay or come when called he actually does it when asked the first time

This dog training program is for you if you want the above but you don’t have the time, patience, or you are going out of town and want to come home to a trained dog that is amazing and listens to you?

Let us do the work for you and show you at the end of 12 days what a great family dog you have.

We will teach your dog to be an amazing dog with commands such as:

  • sit,
  • stay
  • come
  • down
  • walking on leash nicely (yes that means no pulling you all over the place)
  • waiting at the door and in the car to prevent bolting

All training is done without the use of food bribes otherwise known as treats :).

At the end of your dogs training stay with us we will show you all the amazing stuff your dog can do.

Included in the Amazing Dog package:

  • slip leash & martingale collar
  • 12 Days of training & 11 nights of boarding with us
  • 1 private hour session at pick up time

*This program is NOT for dogs with problem behaviors like biting, aggression or seperation issues.



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