Dog Day School Training –

Starting Jan 9th  Tuesdays/ Thursdays

This dog program is a full semester of Dog School!  

Dog School at Urban K9  is an easy way to train your dog and/or supplement the training that you’re doing at home!

This is a 12 week Day School Program

Urban K9 Dog School requires a 12 week  commitment (2 days or 1 day a week for 12 weeks) for training at Urban k9

You can choose your Dog School days for Tuesdays & Thursdays OR just 1 day a week either Tuesdays or Thursday (no switching days)

dog nice on leash
Happy Amy Dog Daycare

 Some Things We Work On While Your Dog is Here:


  • Walking nice on Leash
  • Sit/Stay
  • Coming when Called
  • Dog Maners
  • Be Calm around other dogs
  • More advanced skills once foundation is built 

We Believe You Deserve to Have

A Dog That Listens to You 

Less Frustration in training with Your Dog

A Dog That knows how to be a well mannered dog

Have the Best Dog Ever

How to Sign Your dog Up for Day School

1. You can Text, Call or Email us

so we know best how to help you


2. We will contact you and discuss how we can customize the best plan for your dogs training , and help you get the results you are looking for


3. WE will set up your dogs start day for school and start training 


dog training

Benefits of  Dog School

We help your dog build a strong training foundation.

You do not have to try to teach your dog new things, you just have to do the home work and replicate what your dog learned while here

You can go to work or take the day off and let us do the training  with your dog and come home to a tired dog.

Contact Us

Please fill out the form with information about your dog and what you are going through so that we can help you quickly.

How many dogs need training?

What are the problematic dog behaviors?

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