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What days do you have open for Dog Daycare?

We currently have openings Tuesdsays starting in July

Is it a free for all at daycare?

No it is not. A free for all daycare can lead to hyper dogs and lead to many behavioural issues.

What do the dogs do during the day?

We like to mix things up day to day, but we do Manner Training, Physical and Mental activities and sometimes we do adventure excursions.

Who can come to dog Daycare /School?

Any dog can come to Daycare but dogs that have not trained with us will have to do a meet and greet before hand

What happens when a daycare spot becomes avalaible?

When spaces become avaliable our current and past training clients have first chance at the spots.

Do you have drop in days?

No we do not. We are a membership based daycare. You sign up for the day(s) you want a month at a time.