When should you pick up your puppy from the Breeder

Somewhere between 8-to-12 weeks old, NEVER younger.  

Young pups still have a lot to learn about proper dog behavior from interactions with their mother and litter mates.

Let them stay and learn for the 2-3 months.  

NO you as a human can not teach a puppy these things as effectively as the mom dog and puppy litter mates can.  

Puppies who leave their canine family too early will show some of these behavior problems. – fearful -lack of confidence. – slow to bond to people or will go the other direction, attaching so strongly to their new owners that they will have bad separation anxiety -Biting, not the usual puppy biting way worse. -House training problems are also more common. -Socializtion issues with other dogs. The dog just does not know how to act with other puppies or dogs.  

If the breeder insists on you bringing home the dog sooner then 8 weeks, its best you walk away and find a different breeder. You want to get a puppy from a breeder that cares long term about the dogs long term success in life.

Avoid a life time of frustration for you and the dog get a puppy that is 8 weeks and older.