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We help frustrated dog owners have a more stress free life with their dogs.

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Calm dog Around Distractions

Walk Nice on Leash

No More Bad Puppy Behaviors

We work with people having issues like these, every single day:

Dog doesn’t have any manners and it’s embarrassing

Runs away and won’t come back even if i have food and I’m worried one day they will get hit by a car or run away

My dog is pulling me everywhere on a walk and I’m worried that me or my dog will get hurt one day

I have been to other trainers and they didn’t help and I don’t know what else to do

The dog Barks at everything the window door and fences and causing issues with my family and neighbors

The Dog is reacting to everything on a walk other dogs, cats, cars, people on walks and it’frustrating and embarrassing 

We Believe YOU Deserve and Can Have...

  • To be able to go for a way down the street with no issues when ever and where ever
  • To be able to to go for hikes and play off leash and not worry that the dog will not come back to you
  • Way less frustration in your relationship
  • Easier communication between you and your dog
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We’ve been in the dog training business all over the North Okanagan area since 2010. We have trained over 1000 dogs and their families in the Vernon, Coldstream area. We are also trusted pet care facilities for boarding your pet while you are on holidays.  We love dogs, and we love helping the owners and dogs.

Testimonials and Success Story
Bernadoodle training

From Unruly to Wonderful

Urban K-9 is the best dog training I have every encountered. My dog has gone from an unruly, hard to manage 65 pound Bernadoodle to a wonderful part of the family. Brenda covers all aspects of dog training – physical and theoretical. She advises on dog food, grooming and overall care of your dog. Both dog and owner benefit from her practical and easy to follow methods. She trained myself as much as the dog! Moses received excellent care and ongoing training when he boarded with Urban K-9. He is now enrolled in monthly fun classes and will definitely benefit from further socialization. I have recommended Urban K-9 for all aspects of dog training and will continue to do so.



doberman well mannered

Baby Bruno

I am so very thankful to have found Brenda at Urban K9 for my fur baby Bruno. I have tried many trainers, doggy schools and day cares the past 3 years and have found Brenda to be the best fit. Since attending Urban K9’s classes, Bruno has shown the most improvement in his behaviour in years and I thank Brenda and her skills. Bruno loves going to Urban K9 and is always excited to see Brenda and his friends. It feels good knowing my pet is in good caring hands.

Boarder Collie training

Calm and Content

Urban K9 is amazing. Since we moved here we were looking for that insightful and skilled trainer. Someone who would “get” Raylan. We found Brenda at Urban K9 and we are so grateful. We have learned so much. She has helped Raylan, my husband and I continue on our learning journey. Raylan also goes to the day school once a week and loves it. Comes home calm and content. Highly recommend Urban K9 for training and care.


3 Steps on How to enjoy your dog again!
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Step 1

Fill out our contact form so that we know best how to help you.

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Step 2

We will call , text or email  if you prefer, and discuss how we can customize the best plan for your dog’s training needs, and help you get the dog training results you want.

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Step 3

We will help with your dogs training needs and help you have a long, happy and healthy life with your dog!