Dog rehabilitation Boarding & Training

This is for dog issues that do not fit into our other programs

Dog Rehabilitation

This board and train is for the dog that doesn’t fit into the other programs. This dog rehab mainly focuses on issues like severe separation anxiety, social anxiety, human aggression, dog aggression and food aggression.

We also work one on one with you “The Human” during the entire process to make the homecoming reunion a success.

Great for dogs of any size and age who have problems.

Please inquire about an evaluation to see if your dog falls into this category.


What to expect

During an evaluation we will listen to your conserns about your dogs behavior and see what program would be the best fit for your dog to help him become a well behaved and balanced dog again.


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Have questions if this is the dog training program for your dog or you want to book a evaluation at Urban K9 Coldstream. Us the contact us form and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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