Dog hotel

Urban K9 facility offers luxurious dog boarding accommodations for your dog(s) with suites for indoor sleeping and both indoor and outdoor play environments.

While your dog is staying with us they will have full access to the dog day care, they will only be in their room for nap time, at night and for feeding time. Other then that they will be running and playing the whole day away with all their K9 friends.

We are currently accepting Dogs for boarding that:

-Do not have ANY separation  issues

-Dogs that get alone well with other dogs

dog hotel boarding prices

Because  Urban K9 offers  individual attention for each dog that is here space is limited, so call in advance to set up boarding times.

One Night 1 Dog



One Night 2 dogs



One night 3 dogs



One night 4 dogs



Overnight Stays on Holidays

Typically one day before, after and the actual holiday. Prices are in addition to Standard Boarding prices and VIP extras if applicable


special needs

Special needs dogs that cannot be socialized within our general pack due to temperament or health will remain solo and are subject to an additional fee each night


Pick up or Drop off after/before hours

Must be scheduled ahead of time.


Pick up After 12 pm following day

if not half a day of daycare will be charged


Things to Know Before you Bring your Dog

We will serve your dog his/her meals as per your feeding requirements. Bring the brand of food that your dog enjoys in a resealable plastic container.

 *Please do not forget to bring extra food along with your pet should your holiday be extended or delayed. If your dog does run out of food, don’t worry we have dog food here but we will have to charge $3.00 a feeding.

 We offer blankets and dog beds but you are more than welcome to bring your pets favorite bedding & toys that will stay in their room while here (please no foam filled beds).

Medication will be given free of charge as per your direction.

Our nightly rate includes full days of doggie daycare while your pet is staying with us.

NOTE: All Females over 6 months must be Spayed and Males over 1 year must be neutered or they will be considered a “Special Needs” dog. See above for description of “Special Needs”

Forms to fill out prior to your dogs stay:

 Human info and Dog registration form

These forms will be waiting for you to sign/fill out at a sleepover check-in . The waiver will be filled out at each check in for dog sleep overs.

Bookings require a 50% deposit to ensure your suite. Upon admittance of your pet to Urban K9 payment is due in full. Any additional charges incurred during your pets stay will be paid upon pick up of your pet.

Urban K9 requires 72 hours notice before a cancellation in order to receive a deposit refund. Refunds will be subject to a 5% service charge to cover administrative and POS fees. If you cancel with less than the required 72 hour notice your deposit will not be refunded.


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Need More inforamtion about boarding for your dogs. Use the form to contact us and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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